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Doubt Management Ltd.
HSSE Management

"When you observe an unsafe act or potential hazard and do nothing, you become a part of the problem not the solution".

"Highlighting an issue correctly is as important as spotting it in the first place. It is not just what you say but how and with what respect you address an individual that gets the desired result...to stop it happening again".

"My job is to ensure everyone gets home to their family safely at the end of the day. No job is so important that it can not be done safely and with as little environmental impact as possible. That is success in this business".

Remember "Safety is No Accident".

DB 2007

Doubt Management is a forward thinking, practicable and progressive group of individuals with several lifetimes of experience in many areas of Safety and Project Managment.

Welcome to the next level...allow us to develop a safety culture for you whilst helping you deliver your legal and moral obligations.

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